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Hahha, no fucking way.

Another tfs local gone front page.


I could've sworn that this looks almost identical to the style of Dave Firth films.


Dude man.

4 years later you make another episode.
Finally man.
I was waiting for quite some time.

This was great by the way.

All the things I love and hate at the same time about dragonball z is in this series.

This was fucking awesome.

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Heheh, that was awesome.

That was great.
I loved it.

It was really original and I like things like that.
All the characters were different.

One of my favourites this one is.

PlasmicSteve responds:

Is this... is this Yoda?

Liked you I'm glad did...I...

crazy ass awesome.

Yeah I loved it. I felt like playing Majora's mask again but I didn't have my n64 anymore. So, i'm downloading the rom right now.

Wow, very hard.

heh cool.

You make some of the best but simple games around.
I was in love with soul master.

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It's really cool.

Holy shit. you are from montreal.
So am I what part.

I can tell right away that you use FL studio.
But it's pretty cool. it goes a bit off key once in while.

quebecman responds:

thats because FL Studio 5 is easy and pleasefull to use... I wonder when it could be a bit "off key"!? Oh and Actually I'm not from Montreal I'm from Repentigny... Just Beside!... Thanx for the review!


this song has touched me in every way.
it's so god damn good.
This is my favourite song to newgrounds.
keep up the frikin' work.

Wow. 2hrs.

It's really good. But two hours? And on FL.

That's really fast for any decent song.

Anyway, it's pretty cool.

noxious890 responds:

thank you...i originaly came up with the tune when i was messing around on my keyboard and then just quick for fun put it in fl:)

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